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Life Purpose, Workplace Wellness & More

Many of us have struggled with the notion of finding our life purpose. In his article, “7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose,” Mark Manson writes: “So when people say, ‘What should I do with my life?’ or ‘What is my life purpose?’ what they’re actually asking is: ‘What can I do with .. read more

A Candid Childhood Obesity PSA, EQ & More

A new PSA about childhood obesity from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s “Strong4Life” campaign is sending a tough message to parents about childhood obesity—and the reaction from the public has been mixed. While some see its focus on family as a powerful message, others feel it goes too far. Regardless of how you feel about the approach, the overall message is .. read more

Workplace Wellness and Emotional Intelligence: What We’re Reading

Share lunch, share love. Hashtag Lunchbag is a new grassroots project that makes giving easy. Gather a group and pack lunches, pass those lunches out to people living on the streets of your neighborhood, and document your efforts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to inspire others. Don’t forget to add #HashtagLunchbag to your uploads. This infographic from Good .. read more

Workplace Wellness Pays off, Junk Food and Obesity & More: What We’re Reading

We love this infographic showing how workplace wellness pays off. Companies that invest in their employees’ health enjoy a reduction in healthcare costs, an increase in productivity and a stronger workforce. Now, the hard part: figuring out how to create a wellness program that will truly make an impact on people’s lives. Processed food has a .. read more

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