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Teff, Food Labels, the Village Effect & More

Just when we mastered the art of cooking quinoa, there’s a new supergrain on the table: teff. Teff is versatile, gluten-free and high in fiber and protein—you may know it as the main ingredient in injera, the bread that’s a staple in Ethiopian food. Unlike quinoa, teff also contains albumin, the primary protein in blood plasma, making it .. read more

Heart Attacks, Weight Loss & More

Heart attacks are the number one cause of death for American women but, as it turns out, many of us don’t know the differences between how men and women experience heart attacks. This first-person account is eye-opening and a great reminder to pay attention to our bodies and speak up if something feels wrong. Since it .. read more

Fad Diets, Health Technology and Happy Places: What We’re Reading

Have you heard about the “orange foods” diet (all Cheetos, all day long!)? How about the grapefruit diet?Photographer Stephanie Gonot’s project, “Fad Diets” is an interesting take on a culture obsessed with dieting. For more on how to rethink weight loss, be sure to check out Caro’s story about learning to love her body. 24 ways that .. read more

Weight Loss: How I Learned to Stop Hating My Body

The first time I went to a weight loss consultant, I was 12 and at a perfectly healthy weight. I remember that visit as if it happened this morning. I walked in and the woman said, “You look fine, you don’t seem to have any problems.” That made me happy. Then she asked me to .. read more

What We’re Reading

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows that it’s tough—and sometimes knowing the facts just isn’t enough. But, the government is using a new tactic that actually seems to be making an impact. Tips From Former Smokers launched last year and marks the first time the federal government has gone after the tobacco industry with a .. read more

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