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How much is too much? The Cost of Over-Exercising

A recent article turned some heads with new scientific evidence concluding that running can take a toll on the heart—such a toll that it essentially eliminates the benefits of exercise. In an attempt to curb the anti-running crowds’ excitement over these findings, I sat down with Ari Levy, MD, Co-founder and CEO of Engaged Health Solutions—and avid .. read more

Beyond Biometrics: A Better Way to Analyze Health Data

There are a lot of data geeks out there—people who get real joy in number crunching and use Excel for fun. In October, a bunch of those types gathered in Dallas for the annual HDMS Conference. HDMS develops web-based analytical healthcare reporting tools that help clients collect a wealth of data. At the conference, HDMS’ .. read more

It’s Meerkat Award Time!

I read about the Ming Dynasty in high school. I was alive for the 90s Bulls. I watched the movie Troy with Brad Pitt on HBO. What do these things have in common? They are all dynasties, but they pale in comparison to the one started here at EHS this month. That’s right, Jason Bohner .. read more

How do Employees Really Achieve Behavior Change…

… and why should employers care? Engaged Health Solutions approaches employee health and well-being differently. We’re launching this new series of blogs to give our thought leaders a chance to share their knowledge. In this first in the series, we explore our belief that thriving employees are essential for a thriving company. What can employers expect .. read more

Sum of the Parts

The other day, I was watching a re-run of a Game of Thrones episode and I was struck by a scene that I found to be a very fitting analogy in regards to this month’s Meerkat Award winner. On the show, King Robert is speaking with his wife, Queen Cersei, about the strength and unity .. read more

I’m more motivated than You! Or: How I used my Love of Competition to Get Motivated

Once I entered the real world[1], I struggled to consistently find motivation. Whether it was eating healthy, working out, or simply working to the best of my abilities, I found it hard to drive myself on a day-to-day basis. Like many people who drift in and out of good, consistent habits, I needed to find .. read more

Meet Meerkat

EHS’ mascot sits down with Todd Boulis During my time at Engaged Health Solutions, I have come across some incredible people; people with diverse talents, personalities and life experiences. I’ve even heard an employee (for the sake of anonymity, we will call this employee Jonathan Michael Birnberg) shamelessly proclaim a love for all things cardigans, short sleeve .. read more

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