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Beating the Winter Blues

If you live in a colder climate, around this time of year, you may notice that the winter weather conditions have taken a toll on your mental wellness. During cold, dark, and dreary winter months, the lack of sun exposure and the inability to be outdoors for extended periods of time may contribute to feelings .. read more

4 Ways to Overcome Urges for Immediate Gratification

“Anything worth having in life is worth working for.” This quote by Andrew Carnegie often comes to my rescue when my inner four-year-old is on the verge of a tantrum – she wants something, and she wants it right NOW. She shows up in many aspects of my life: “I want to make more money .. read more

Spending Time on Self-Care Buys You Time

It was the Friday after Thanksgiving and, during the ride home from Michigan, I felt the angst about all the things I had get done that weekend start to come up—wrapping up projects for work, shopping for gifts, homework, laundry, errands and an outing with the young girl I’m mentoring. “I don’t have time for .. read more

My Week as an Elder: What a Volunteer Vacation Taught Me About Aging

I recently traveled to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota for a service trip/volunteer vacation. While I had many insights on this trip, some large and others small, there’s one I want to share with you about elders and aging. Yes, I am a 33-year-old writing about embracing your age but, before those of .. read more

Five Tips for Colon Health

“You’re so full of it!” my Mom would say through roaring laughter whenever I’d offer an outlandish excuse for my behavior during my teenage years. At the time, she was right both figuratively and literally. I was full of “it,” or the suffix of the common explicative meaning “poop.” I suffered from constipation for a .. read more

There Is No Try: Setting and Reaching Goals

“I’ll try.” This is a response that I sometimes get from a member who wants to set a goal in an effort to make a change in her life—a change that is deeply important to her. “I’ll try” drives me crazy as coach because it’s vague; its meaning differs from one person to another and .. read more

Stacey Patillo: Meerkat Recipient by Day, Quantum Physics Enthusiast by Night

The first time I met Stacey Patillo, I was confused. Her last name is an overwhelming fusion of Portillo’s, a delicious Chicago hot dog vendor with an underrated and often overlooked Italian beef option, and the Spanish word ‘patilla,’ meaning ‘sideburn.’ Stacey isn’t Italian, and she’s not a hot dog enthusiast; she doesn’t have any .. read more

Staying Safe In Yoga Classes

The recent article in the New York Times on the rise of yoga-related injuries is causing quite a stir in the yoga community. As a longtime student who has completed teacher training, I’m intrigued by the argument against yoga and, in many cases, agree with the article. However, to say that yoga causes injuries isn’t .. read more

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