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Soda, Happiness, Music & More

In the last few years, we all learned that sitting is the new smoking. The new smoking for 2014? Soda. Here’s the story: A study of 5,300 adults published in the Journal of Public Health compared the cells of people who drink soda every day to those who do not. Reporter Kiera Butler explains the findings, “In .. read more

Obesity by State, Big Yoga News & More: What We’re Reading

Many of us know that yoga feels good, but new research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that yoga can reduce inflammation. Inflammation is associated with heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. Among other findings, blood tests showed that for participants doing yoga, all three markers for inflammation dropped by 10 to 15% after three .. read more

Goodbye, Cool. Life as a Non-Smoker

I will not tell you that smoking is bad for you. You know it is. I am not going to patronize you. The internet is really much better at that. But I will sympathize. Doesn’t quitting suck? Ex-smokers need to form a support system. Why isn’t there someone saying, “Hey, I noticed you didn’t light .. read more

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