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FVRx, Generosity, Sleep & More

The weight loss program FVRx prescribes fruits and vegetables, not medication, to help people lose weight—and it’s working out really well. This approach to the growing problem of obesity (especially in areas with little access to fresh foods) offers low-income families in New York an Rx for healthy foods, financial assistance, nutritional education, and monthly checkin-ins with doctors or nutritionists. Last year, 97% .. read more

Life Purpose, Workplace Wellness & More

Many of us have struggled with the notion of finding our life purpose. In his article, “7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose,” Mark Manson writes: “So when people say, ‘What should I do with my life?’ or ‘What is my life purpose?’ what they’re actually asking is: ‘What can I do with .. read more

Multitasking, Sleep, Stress Eating & an Attack Cat

Is your city a healthy place to live? The verdict on the healthiest cities in the U.S. is in and the winner is … well, all we can say is you better learn to surf. Remember when the term “multitasking” was a positive one? Did you list it as a skill on your resume? As it .. read more

The Most Super of the Superfoods, What Americans Really Eat & More

Every once in a while a food gets catapulted from regular to super. But what is the most super of the superfoods? Here are 41 superfoods ranked in terms of just how good they are for you. It will not shock you to learn that every single item listed is a fruit or vegetable. New data from .. read more

Watermelon for Health, Hydration News & More!

Watermelon is a summer staple, but did you know that the sweet, low-calorie treat has some amazing health benefits from easing sore muscles to combating cancer? Dig in, friends. We know that getting more high quality sleep is great for our health, but many of us struggle to turn that knowledge into action. If you are .. read more

How Important Is Sleep?

There is no substitute for quality sleep. While we are asleep, our bodies and minds repair, rejuvenate and rebuild. Quality sleep brings us clarity, focus and energy—and helps us remain calm during stressful situations. It can also help lower our blood pressure. When we’re sleep-deprived, we become more irritable, are more easily stressed out and .. read more

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What We’re Reading

Happy summer solstice, everyone! Be sure to look up on Sunday, June 23 to see the supermoon—in Chicago, check it out at 8:40pm. This story is dedicated to our Co-CEO, Ari Levy, MD, who “slept in” until 5am today. Sleep specialists have published numerous studies about how inadequate sleep negatively impacts our bodies. Sometimes even the .. read more

What We’re Reading

In honor of Women’s History Month, check out this list of 50 women who have shaped America’s health. Here are a few fun facts: – The first woman to earn her M.D. was Elizabeth Blackwell in 1849. This forward-thinker wrote the book Medicine As A Profession For Women in 1860 – Today, close to half of medical school graduates are .. read more

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