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Take Control of Self-Talk

One study suggests we have 50,000 thoughts per day on average. Our thoughts, which are generated by our questions, judgments, beliefs, and more, race chaotically through our mind all day and build an incessant internal dialogue. Are you aware of the conversation in your head? Are you in control of it? In psychology, this inner .. read more

The Power of Negative Thinking?

At EHS, we have positive psychology activities scheduled into our staff meetings. We have an in-office gym with inspiring quotes on the walls. We have a number of employees who spend the majority of every day helping people think more positively to achieve health and well-being goals. So, it’s no surprise that Oliver Burkeman’s recent .. read more

Taking 100% Responsibility: The first step to creating the life you dream of

There’s a story about a little boy who, day after day, would open his lunchbox and complain, “Oh no, today I have to eat a cheese sandwich again!” One day, one of his classmates asked, “Why don’t you ask your mom to send you a different lunch for tomorrow?” The little boy replied, “My mom .. read more

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