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Teff, Food Labels, the Village Effect & More

Just when we mastered the art of cooking quinoa, there’s a new supergrain on the table: teff. Teff is versatile, gluten-free and high in fiber and protein—you may know it as the main ingredient in injera, the bread that’s a staple in Ethiopian food. Unlike quinoa, teff also contains albumin, the primary protein in blood plasma, making it .. read more

New Food Labels, Office Fitness & Hank, Milwaukee’s Best Dog: What We’re Reading

Food labels. Even when we take the time to read them, they can be confusing. This week, the Obama administration released proposed changes that may help conscious consumers pick their foods more wisely. The calorie counts are bigger and bolder and, the change most people are talking about: serving sizes are reflective of how much .. read more

What We’re Reading

Yoga instructor to the stars (and lots of regular people, too) Tara Stiles, shares her 10 tips for getting what you want in life. Hint: Happiness and kindness are super important. It’s about to get a whole lot easier to find nutrition information online. Google’s just-announced nutrition database will house tons of information including calorie, protein, .. read more

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