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Molly Hillig Archives - Engaged Health Solutions

A New Spin on Traditional Relationship Advice

“Pick your battles” is a phrase I often hear people say to friends, newlyweds or their younger protégés. I also often hear people advise one another to “wait for the right moment” to talk about issues. These beliefs have often confused me. “Picking my battles” usually means I brush unexpressed feelings under the rug. When .. read more

What Holiday Hosting is Really About

There are days throughout the holiday season when I feel as though I am “making my list and checking it twice,” like a good host preparing for a party. Saturday: Make Christmas cards with Emily; speed to the mall to scope out a gift for Chris Sunday: Put up the Christmas tree for our party .. read more

The Best Nutrition Advice You’ll Ever Receive

I love food! One of my favorite pastimes is to hand-select vegetables and herbs from my garden and prepare a delicious feast. I create all sorts of fun ethnic fusion dishes, from quinoa portage to Argentinean Chimichurri with a citrus twist. My most cherished moments are in the kitchen or sitting around a dinner table .. read more

Are You Ready for a Relationship?

When my last relationship ended, I felt traumatized. I thought to myself, “Crap, will anyone ever want to be with me again?” That self-doubt wasn’t usual for me. I had accomplished so much in my life professionally and socially, and I usually felt a high sense of personal achievement. However, after ending my marriage, I felt .. read more

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