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A Cardiovascular Risk Calculator, Compassion & Alpacas

With the rise of wearable health devices like Fitbit and Jawbone, to name a few of many, it seems like we have become a culture obsessed with tracking. For some knowing that you took 10,000 steps five days during the week is motivating (got to get those other two!) and for others it’s a way to keep .. read more

Heart Attacks, Weight Loss & More

Heart attacks are the number one cause of death for American women but, as it turns out, many of us don’t know the differences between how men and women experience heart attacks. This first-person account is eye-opening and a great reminder to pay attention to our bodies and speak up if something feels wrong. Since it .. read more

E-Cigarettes Face Regulation, Another Benefit of Coffee, Diet Drinks and Heart Health & More

When they hit the market, many people thought, “E-cigarettes, huh. That could be good.” However, e-cigarettes have remained largely unregulated and, until recently, there wasn’t much good information on the health risks. According to ABC News, the most widely publicized study about the of safety of e-cigarettes compared two leading brands, finding that both contained trace .. read more

Advances in Cancer Treatment, the Cost of Multitasking & More: What We’re Reading

Scientists are looking at an entirely new way of killing cancer. Meet Stephanie Lee, a young woman with colon cancer who became the test case and the subject of this week’s long read from Esquire. You can get an update on her case here and more information on colon health here. Culturally, we tend to .. read more

What We’re Reading

Lots of entrepreneurs are getting creative in their quest to fight childhood obesity—but not all of them are getting attention from former President Bill Clinton, and even fewer of them are 14-years-old. At The Clinton Foundation’s second Annual Health Matters conference, President Clinton introduced Carter Kostler, the inventor of Define Bottle. Carter’s bottle makes it easy to .. read more

Love Your Teeth—Dental Health for the Heart

Did you know that there is a key health indicator right under your nose? Literally! How many of you brush and floss your teeth as recommended? How about making regular visits to the dentist? There are probably 101 things we would rather do than open our mouths and let someone take sharp tools and dig .. read more

Another Way to Think About Heart Health

Heart health is a hot topic here at EHS. As Catherine wrote, the statistics are staggering. Roughly every 25 seconds, an American will have a coronary event, and by the time you finish reading this blog, an American will die from one. I am sure it is not a coincidence that Valentine’s Day—the day of .. read more

American Heart Month

Growing up, February was about receiving Sweethearts candies with even sweeter sayings like “All Mine,” giving out cute cards or asking someone the infamous question, “Will you be my Valentine?” In February, love is in the air and we have hearts on our minds—but think about the one in your body, not just the ones .. read more

Cholesterol, Explained

I was inspired to take a moment and talk cholesterol after reading my colleague Laura’s recent story about how her HDL (good cholesterol) rose 10 points since coming to work here. Seriously. 10 points. A comment my sister-in-law made this past weekend also got me thinking about cholesterol. One of her girlfriends told her that .. read more

Hi, I’m Laura and I Have High Cholesterol

The smell of oatmeal in the morning, the sound of feet pounding on the treadmill and talks about the next 5K or sports league is the essence of EHS. These constant daily reminders have enhanced my personal health behaviors since I began working here. As a result of working at EHS and focusing on living .. read more

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