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Carbs, Happiness and Naps

Carbs. Conventional wisdom has been that the carbs in an apple are way better for you than the carbs in a piece of bread—but, according to new research, that may not be the whole story. Find out what researchers learned when they set out to determine if diets similar in calories and carbohydrates, but composed of either high or .. read more

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Food Cravings, Caffeine, Happiness & More

Do you crave lettuce? Broccoli, maybe? A new study found that it might be possible for us to ignore our junk food cravings while also developing a taste for healthy foods. While the study was small, the findings could be good news for people who trying to achieve sustainable weight loss. Who drinks more coffee, scientists or social .. read more

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Happiness, Empathy, Aspirin and More

Can taking the scenic route lead to happiness? Researchers at Yahoo Labs crowdsourced impressions of streets, combining them with Flickr data and survey responses to present walkers with optimal routes balancing “people’s emotional perceptions of urban spaces” and their need to get to their destination in a reasonable amount of time. Using gamification, researchers found that our brains are constantly .. read more

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Energy, Happiness and Giving: What We’re Reading

As the weather starts to shift, it’s darker when we wake and up darker when we leave work. It’s the perfect time of year for this Fast Company article offering tips to have more energy at work. And speaking of energy, you know when we’re energetic? When we’re happy. Check out this article about the .. read more

Childhood Obesity, Happiness, Meditation and More: What We’re Reading

Finally, some good news about childhood obesity. Federal data released this week shows that the obesity rate for low-income preschool-age children declined between 2008 and 2011 in 19 of the 43 states surveyed. We believe that getting moving with your kids is essential to helping them make fitness part of their lives. Here are some tips .. read more

Write Your Way to Happiness

What if you could be 25% happier than you are right now? Research shows that being grateful could be the key. Michael McCollough, psychologist of Southern Methodist University and Robert Emmons from the University of California, measured how gratitude impacts well-being. They divided hundreds of people into three groups. Those in the first group wrote .. read more

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