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The Spirit of Giving: Not Just for the Holidays

With February around the corner, it’s hard to believe that just over a month ago, we were in the midst of the holiday season. Looking back on that time now, I remember much of it as a blur of shopping for presents, decorating the house, and baking what seemed like endless trays of cookies. But .. read more

Volunteering at Deborah’s Place

It was a Monday. I had been working out in the suburbs and was racing back into Chicago for a volunteer event. I was stressed on the drive, dodging traffic and giving myself a pep talk on the power of showing up, even if my arrival was going to be a late one. As the universe would have .. read more

Volunteering at Gary Comer Youth Center

“Have you ever had your blood pressure measured before?” I asked the group of teenagers eyeing our booth. Everyone shook their head no. “Would you like to try it?” Members of the group smiled and walked over. I was at the Gary Comer Youth Center (GCYC), on Chicago’s South Side, where my coworkers and I were .. read more

EHS Kicks Off Coaching With The Mission Continues

In March, EHS team members traveled down to St. Louis to kick off our Year of Change coaching program with The Mission Continues, a not-for-profit group that empowers veterans facing the challenges of adjusting to life at home. In other words, they help to facilitate a thriving life for our veterans—a core value that EHS embraces.  Mission .. read more

StandUp For Kids: A Reminder About Gratitude

An integral part of EHS’ social mission is donating our time and services to local non-profit organizations that are positively impacting the community. Most recently, we partnered with StandUp for Kids. StandUp for Kids helps homeless and at-risk kids in cities across the country. We are inspired by the organization’s dedicated volunteers, who take to the .. read more

Reason to Give: Live and Learn Workshop

At EHS, we’ve embraced our social mission to give back to those in need around us with our money and with our time . In November, we fulfilled part of that mission by donating over $1,000 to the Live and Learn workshop developed by Reason to Give, a Chicago-based non-profit that connects would-be donors with groups .. read more

What We’re Reading

Happy summer solstice, everyone! Be sure to look up on Sunday, June 23 to see the supermoon—in Chicago, check it out at 8:40pm. This story is dedicated to our Co-CEO, Ari Levy, MD, who “slept in” until 5am today. Sleep specialists have published numerous studies about how inadequate sleep negatively impacts our bodies. Sometimes even the .. read more

EHS Volunteers With Girls On The Run

Last Saturday, 11 EHS volunteers got together to support the Girls on The Run – Chicago 5K at Toyota Park in Bridgeview. Girls on the Run is a non-profit on a mission to inspire girls to be healthy and confident. Its after school program for girls 8-14 integrates training for a 5K run and lessons .. read more

EHS Embraces a Social Mission

At EHS, we work every day to improve people’s health and well-being through coaching and education programs. The impact these programs have on our members is, in many cases, life changing. Knowing how empowering our programs are for our members and our coaches, we were determined to figure out how to reach even more people .. read more

Movember at EHS

At EHS we believe that everyone has the right to thrive. We also believe in promoting health and well-being among individuals, organizations and the community. All of EHS’ employees are passionate about health and sharing their knowledge with others. This month, the EHS team is applying its passion to a healthy cause that raises awareness .. read more

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