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World Diabetes Day, Good Reads & More

Today is World Diabetes Day. Get the facts and learn more about how to prevent and control the disease that affects 1/12 people around the world. And, read a story about how diabetes personally affected our E-Team manager and coach, Kara. Most of us know that one culprit of Type 2 diabetes is a diet heavy .. read more

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National Diabetes Month

I can still remember the panic when my family got a call from the hospital telling us that my 19-year-old brother had been admitted. Upon arrival, he was almost in a coma and his blood sugar was 1,150 mg/dL (normal blood sugar is between 80-120mg/dL). When we got to the hospital we learned that he .. read more

What We’re Reading

Wednesday was International Diabetes Day. Here at EHS, we work hard to reach people where we are. So, we think this new high-tech new toy designed to help kids learn about and manage their type 1 diabetes is pretty cool. Meet Jerry the Bear. As we enter into one of the busiest times of the year, .. read more

Understanding a Borderline Diagnosis

How many of you have been to the doctor and have been told you have tested “borderline” for something? Many of us don’t worry when we’re given a borderline diagnosis because we feel fine; we choose to interpret the word “borderline” to mean that we don’t have a problem. However, what we’re really being told .. read more

Paula Deen’s Missed Opportunity

The recent announcement that Paula Deen has diabetes has caused quite a stir. There are a lot of folks weighing in on this announcement. Even walking around EHS there are different opinions. The first thing I’ll say is that whether it be pizza, chocolate cake or Southern comfort food, each person chooses to eat what .. read more

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