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7-Minute Workout, Healthy Halloween Candy & More

The New York Times is offering a free mobile app for its Scientific 7-Minute Workout and new Advanced 7-Minute Workout. These are the first in a suite apps that will be available to people looking to exercise at home—and get it done quickly. With the amount of time we spend at work, companies that offer employees great .. read more

Heart Attacks, Weight Loss & More

Heart attacks are the number one cause of death for American women but, as it turns out, many of us don’t know the differences between how men and women experience heart attacks. This first-person account is eye-opening and a great reminder to pay attention to our bodies and speak up if something feels wrong. Since it .. read more

Breast Cancer, Global Groceries and More: What We’re Reading

October is breast cancer awareness month. Behind all of the pink-themed products and specialty NFL footwear is that fact that this year, more than 1.4 million women around the world will learn they have breast cancer. The New York Times is asking readers to share their experiences with breast cancer as part of its “Picture Your .. read more

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