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Our coaches are trained in the DNA of behavior change. They know that when goals are directly tied to values, transformation is possible. When people understand why they want to make a change, they are more likely to succeed.

Read these inspiring stories, watch one of our coaches in action and hear our clients talk about the impact EHS programs have had on their organizations.

Value: Gaining Self-Awareness
Goal: Improve leadership skills
Outcome: Success at work and an “I can do anything” attitude
“After my first session, I told myself, ‘Right on; this is what I have needed.’” Read more…

Value: Becoming Parents
Goal: Lose weight
Outcome: A shift in focus leading to a commitment to getting healthy enough to start a family
A young husband and wife are both 100lbs overweight. Read more…

Value: Living in the Present
Goals: Improve leadership skills; reduce anxiety
Outcome: Increased confidence; career advancement
“I was really focused on the past and [my coach] helped me start living in the now by looking at what I want today and in the future.” Read more…

Value: Being a Great Mom
Goals: Spend more time with her daughter; exercise to lose weight and increase energy
Outcome: Improved nutrition and fitness; more quality time with her daughter
Like many people, this member was so busy with work and her three-year-old daughter that she thought she didn’t have time for herself. Read more…

Value: Being a Provider
Goals: Exercise; regain energy; find time to recharge
Outcome: Increased understanding of why working out is essential to his role as a provider
This member was once a competitive athlete. After getting married, he built a very successful—and stressful career—and had three kids. Read more...

Value: Feeling Appreciated
Goals: Rebuild confidence; get promotion
Outcome: Increased commitment to her company; promotion
When this member started the coaching process, she was ready to quit her job. Read more…

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