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Prestigious University

  • Top research university currently educating 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world
  • Up to 10,000 faculty and staff support research and education efforts
  • Approximately 600 employees were eligible to take the EHS HRA, the YouProfile
  • 50 employees were offered the opportunity to participate in coaching

Working in the education field is extremely stressful. For faculty, there are the demands of both advancing an academic career and educating the next generation. Similar stress befalls the staff members that support these faculty members. Benefits are offered to support the health and well-being of the faculty and staff.

The University contracted EHS to assess the health and well-being benefits being offered and to conduct a pilot of our coaching program (EngageNOW) with employees in the division of the university that manages the finance, HR and public safety functions.

Recognizing the potential for broad impact of our program, the University is interested in seeing the impact our coaching can have on both physical and emotional well-being, as well as the perception of the University as an employer of choice.

EHS began its engagement with the University by doing a comprehensive assessment of the benefits offered the university faculty and staff. We held focus groups to gain insight into employees’ impressions of the current offerings and conducted a comprehensive summary before delivering recommendations.

Next, approximately 600 employees were given the opportunity to complete a health and well-being assessment, a service in which the university had yet to participate. EHS worked with University partners to create employee communication materials. These resources reinforced the optional and confidential nature of the survey and at the same time encouraged participation.

EHS conducted a health fair, where employees had a chance to get their biometrics taken (blood for sugar and cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, BMI and body composition analysis) and eligible employees were introduced to the coaching program.

Once enrolled in EngageNOW, 50 employees began meeting with their coach at their worksite every six to eight weeks. Between face-to-face meetings, employees communicated as often as they liked with their coach via text, phone and email. Members received coaching in areas ranging from stress reduction to exercise to eating healthy to going their doctor for preventive care.

EHS’ work with the University demonstrates the high engagement levels and the broad impact the EngageNOW program can have.

  • All 50 of eligible participants chose to engage in the coaching program, and all but two are still engaged
  • Of those members, all have worked with the coach to set at least one goal
  • 98% of them have completed that goal

Proving that coaching can lead to risk reduction, many members set goals directly related to the risks that were found on their health and well-being assessments.

  • 45 members set goals relevant to one of their health risks
  • 93% of those members achieved those goals

Business Impact
Participants report that they value the program and welcome the input the coach provides.

We’re looking forward to completing the pilot and measuring the impact our program is having on individuals’ commitment to their well-being and to the University.

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