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What do you want to achieve for your employees? How are you working toward that goal? Are your employees using the benefits you offer? Our experienced team of physicians, strategists and business leaders will ask the tough questions—and help you address the toughest issue of all: What is standing in the way of you achieving your goals? EHS offers expert advice and custom solutions to help your workforce—and your company—thrive.

Advising is only the beginning of the story. We combine our extensive research with your health claims data and internal surveys to get a more complete understanding of what is happening in your organization. We do more than identify high cost, high risk employees—we figure out how to help them make lasting changes for their own health and the health of your organization.

We create custom education programs—delivered online and in person—for your population. Covering everything from fitness and nutrition to stress management and smoking cessation, EHS health education is engaging, approachable and personal. Whether you want to start the conversation with a one-time fitness class or offer your people a fully-integrated health and well-being curriculum, we have solutions that will help transform your culture.

EHS education can be embedded into existing corporate trainings or offered one session at a time.

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We deliver values-based, outcomes-driven coaching. EHS coaches build trusted relationships and help people tap into their motivation to change. Then, our coaches help set a path for success by providing ongoing support, accountability and education. A team of registered dietitians and exercise physiologists supports each coach. With guidance, tools and access to the entire team, your employees will set goals and succeed.

To ensure a consistent, professional approach, all of our coaches go through rigorous in-house training. They are constantly learning new skills so they can greet members with knowledge and enthusiasm and offer the best tools to help them achieve their goals.


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