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Ari Levy, MD


Ari is an ideas guy. He focuses on sales and strategy, bringing tons of energy to help EHS grow and find the best solutions for our clients. Ari is constantly working to help organizations thrive—one person at a time.
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Will Harper, MD


Will is an insightful and analytic thought leader. With his experience in medical education and clinical practice design, he guides the way we design our programs, train and support our coaches and assess the impact of our efforts.
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Will Harper and Ari Levy are both engaging, sought-after speakers. They regularly give presentations about EHS’ work, the state of employee health and personal development. Read about their recent speaking engagements and contact them to schedule a talk.

Advisory Board

Steven D. Romberg

Executive Vice President and Chief Finance Officer, Beavers Holdings and former President and COO, the Havi Group

Steve guides EHS’ leaders in a broad number of areas including financial management, client relationship management and operational scaling.

Ellen A. Rudnick

Executive Director and Clinical Professor, Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Ellen has personal experience as a health data entrepreneur and lends EHS the deep expertise she gains working with students and professors at the Polsky Center.

Tom De Weerdt

Vice President Finance, Corporate Controller, Mead Johnson Nutrition 

Tom’s depth of experience in finance, product development, and operations helps EHS’ leadership team across broad areas including strategy, client delivery models and growth.

Stephen Weber, M.D., M.P.H.

Associate Professor of Medicine, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Clinical Effectiveness at The University of Chicago Medical Center.

Dr. Weber is an infectious disease specialist with an interest in the prevention of multi-drug resistant organism infections among hospitalized patients. In his current role, he oversees hospital quality, safety and clinical effectiveness. His expertise enhances EHS’ strategy to bring its services into the healthcare arena.

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