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Value: Becoming Parents
Goal: Lose Weight
A young husband and wife are both 100lbs overweight. They travel, have good friends and have a great partnership. They both want to lose weight, and have both gained and dropped 50lbs more then once. It just doesn’t stick.
They both work long hours and rarely have time to cook. They often eat take-out because it’s quick and easy. Their motivation to get healthier often tapers off after the initial commitment change. They needed a compelling reason to fully commit—and that reason became clear during coaching.
The husband became emotional when he expressed how important it was for him to be a father—there was nothing more important. His wife had been told pregnancy was too risky given her weight. Right then, they stopped focusing on weight loss and focused on the deep, compelling value of being a parent.
This new drive has been their renewed source for continued weight loss. They are motivated, not because of health, comfort or vanity, but because they discovered what was really important to them: being parents.

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