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Value: Living in the Present
Goals: Improve leadership skills; reduce anxiety; improve health
This member is a self-described introvert who struggles with social anxiety and confidence. With his coach, he has worked on those issues, as well as letting go of the past.
“I was really focused on the past and [my coach] helped me start living in the now by looking at what I want today and in the future. People had told me to do that before, but talking with her I really heard it for the first time. It was an ah-ha moment for me because she had no stake in me changing—she had nothing to gain but to help me.”
While he is also working on fitness and nutrition goals, he and his coach have focused most on living in the present and confidence. Today, he says, though his anxiety is through the roof, he has to tools to handle the stress. “Each day there’s something I use from the conversations that [my coach] and I have had.”
His career has improved as well. A seven-year veteran of his organization, he started low on the ladder. While he has had opportunities to advance, he doubted his ability to lead. During his coaching, he was hand-picked to join his company’s leadership training program and is ready to take the next step in his career.

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