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Value: Feeling Appreciated
Goals: Rebuild confidence; get promotion
When this member started the coaching process, she was ready to quit her job. She stayed after the information session to ask if the coach thought it was even worth participating with one foot out the door.
The member says she burst into tears before her coach even responded to her question. “She was really reassuring and said, ‘If anyone should join the program, it’s you. We can figure out what’s going on.’”
This member has gained more confidence—confidence that she says had been broken down in the year leading up to starting the program. Feeling that she had been overlooked at work, she approached her boss with encouragement and support from her coach.
She has since recommitted to her company and received a promotion. She has also been working on nutrition goals and rebuilding bonds with her family. “I would have had to be in weekly therapy without her. I was at a low point when we met and this program has been extremely beneficial,” she says.

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