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Value: Gaining Self-Awareness
Goal: Improve leadership skills
“I don’t want someone to tell me to go exercise. I have a routine and I take care of myself in that area, but I knew I needed help in other parts of my life. After my first session, I told myself, ‘Right on; this is what I have needed.’”
This member says that first session was all about building trust with her coach. English is her second language and her coach’s ability to understand her made a huge impact. Starting with a goal of organizing her life, this member quickly progressed to focus on leadership because she realized she needed to make changes to be more successful.
“My coach helped me start to think more about the needs of my team rather than how I want things to be done. And I was struggling for a year with teamwork, commitment and results. I am highly disciplined and like to do things the right way, and I pushed my perspective. It wasn’t what my team needed. My coach talked to me about the six needs of every individual.
The idea of significance opened up a totally different possibility for me as a leader.” The transition has been amazing. There are more smiles between her team, herself and the customer. “It has been a great, great year and I want to do another year with [my coach] because he challenges me. I can change anything!”

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