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Member Four

Value: Being a Great Mom
Goals: Spend more time with her daughter; exercise to lose weight and increase energy
Like many people, this member was so busy with work and her three-year-old daughter that she thought she didn’t have time for herself. She and her coach are in constant contact via phone, text and email. They regularly talk about her goals and adjust them as she progresses.
“My first goal was to lose 20 pounds because my energy was so low and I was feeling so sluggish. I knew I had to have a change because I didn’t want to stay like that. It was hard to get started, but having someone supporting me helped. Today, I am 18 pounds lighter and looking to take off 15 more.”
This member has drastically improved her nutrition with help from her coach and the registered dietitian. She’s cut way back on fried, fatty food and is eating more fruits and vegetables.
She also used to eat out four or five times a week and now cooks at home five days a week—sometimes more. She also worked with EHS’ sports physiologist along with her coach to create a work out plan that fits her schedule and her desire to spend time with her daughter.

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