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Value: Being a Provider
Goals: Exercise; regain energy; find time to recharge
Story: This young professional was once a competitive athlete. After getting married, he built a very successful—and stressful career—and had three kids. Today, they are all between the ages of one and four.
Being a good provider is a core value to him. Over time, he dropped exercise and focused less on himself and more on his family. He felt there was no time, but he missed his fitness routine profoundly.
With his coach, he discovered the very thing he sacrificed to make time for family was the resource that he needed to be a better husband, father and provider. Exercise gave him energy, mental focus and a deep sense of personal integrity. He took action.
He talked with his wife, explaining what he needed to live his values. He then scheduled time to exercise three to four times a week. He focused on his need to honor his values rather then getting a workout in—by shifting his focus, he is able to do both.

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