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Fortune 100 Company

  • Operates thousands of global locations
  • Robust internal employee training program
  • Approximately 1,300 employees eligible for coaching
    • 82% participation rate
    • 4,375 total coaching sessions between January 2011 and June 2013
    • 1,223 members reached a goal they had set for themselves
    • Delivered health and well-being education integrated into client’s internal training to 4,500 students over 43 weeks
      • Participants have taken 180M+ steps while participating in EHS programs, walking around the world 2.7 times

Many of this client’s employees work long hours, face a lot of stress and have limited educational background on health and well-being. A high percentage face additional barriers to eating well, managing stress and exercising. This employer was seeking a meaningful way to engage its employees and offer them a real chance to make changes in their behavior.

The client has a long history of offering its employees valuable benefits. Recognizing the emerging research demonstrating that a thriving employee helps an organization thrive, the client sought out EHS to help deliver on this promise with programs and materials custom-fit to its culture and people.

EHS meets members where they are and begin from there. Our materials accessible to all, with concepts presented in a straightforward, clear manner in both English and Spanish. Our program helps to improve health literacy by addressing a member’s understanding of her basic health (blood pressure, body mass index, etc.) while providing education around finding, choosing and visiting a doctor. Our coaching program allows members to work on individual issues, including stress management, allowing them to become more reliable and productive employees.

Our Solution
EHS worked closely with this client to pilot variations of our core coaching and education programs to determine the best way to provide a nationally scalable, high quality, high-touch program. We currently provide the following services:

EngageNOW coaching, offered to more than 6,000 employees:

  • Virtual coaching with onsite enrollment: Members work with a coach who helps them understand their values, set goals and make an action plan
    • EHS team meets with eligible employees to introduce program and enroll members
    • Coaches and members meet in 30-minute virtual sessions every 8-12 weeks with ongoing communication in between sessions
    • Navigator services: Members work with a navigator to help them find resources and a primary care physician, as well as to help them understand the client’s benefits and programs
    • Nutrition services: Members work with a registered dietitian to help them with specific dietary needs
    • Fitness services: Members work with an exercise physiologist who supports their fitness goals with custom plans
    • Wellness Fairs: Members attend wellness fairs where they get biometric information, take the YouProfile (HRA) and explore educational materials and displays

EngageWell education, presented in 1,500 locations:

  • Engaging News: A bi-monthly health and well-being newsletter
  • Calendar: An annual wall calendar with interactive includes fitness, nutrition and well-being information
  • Text challenges: Bi-monthly text message-based challenges that offer tips and encourage healthy habits
  • E-learning modules: Online tutorials on healthy habits, nutrition and exercise

EngageU education, presented during a week-long management training course:

  • Coaching: one 30-minute, face-to-face session for interested attendees
  • Optional fitness, nutrition and stress classes
  • Wellness Fair: biometrics, educational materials and displays
  • E-learning modules: healthy habits, nutrition and exercise
  • Step challenge



  • 88% Enrollment
  • 95% of coached members set a goal
  • 86% of those members achieved a goal

These data are particularly significant because of the population’s high level of risk (74% identified as high risk after taking the HRA).

Engagement in the coaching program led to a significant reduction in the risk of the population: The high-risk proportion decreased by 8%. Medium risk proportion decreased by 7%.

Improving preventive care utilization is particularly important to this client. 91% of members reported improvements in their knowledge of health-related benefits. There was then a significant increase in utilization of preventive physical exams (69%), cholesterol screening (61%) and diabetes screening (75%).


  • 4,500 students
  • 77% of students plan to continue behaviors they learned during EHS education sessions at home
  • 80% of students will share what they learned with others

Students participating in EngageU had a 8% increase in their attitude about health as a priority in their lives, a 30% increase in knowledge about fitness, nutrition and overall health skills and a 25% increase taking active steps now to take control of their health and well-being.

These data are particularly significant because it shows the impact of knowledge transfer and behavior change that is delivered through brief bits of health and well-being education over the course of just one week.

Business Impact:

  • 93% of members reported that they enjoyed the program
  • 82% reported an improved work atmosphere as a direct consequence of the program
  • 10% increase in positive feelings toward the client after the week of EngageU
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