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Kindness, a Report on the American Diet and More: What We’re Reading

This inspiring story about an 80-year-old Kansas woman is a remarkable example of how one person who believes in personal transformation can make a difference. SuEllen Fried visits prisons each week to meet with inmates facing life sentences. Her goal? Intentional acts of kindness. It’s report card time. The Center for Science in the Public Interest .. read more

Energy, Happiness and Giving: What We’re Reading

As the weather starts to shift, it’s darker when we wake and up darker when we leave work. It’s the perfect time of year for this Fast Company article offering tips to have more energy at work. And speaking of energy, you know when we’re energetic? When we’re happy. Check out this article about the .. read more

EHS Team Volunteers at Kelly Hall YMCA

Last weekend, our social mission committee led the charge to bring team members to volunteer at the Kelly Hall YMCA. Every month, the Chicago Food Depository delivers and unpacks trucks full of free food for community members in need. We were originally planning on helping out at the food stations, but our team was asked .. read more

Exercise & Appetite, Biking, Food Labels and More: What We’re Reading

Some of us feel famished after we work out. Others want to eat something light. And some use workouts to eat more consciously—the “I would have to run 20 miles to justify this thing I am about to eat” crowd. But, according to the New York Times, new research shows that strenuous exercise seems to .. read more

Fad Diets, Health Technology and Happy Places: What We’re Reading

Have you heard about the “orange foods” diet (all Cheetos, all day long!)? How about the grapefruit diet?Photographer Stephanie Gonot’s project, “Fad Diets” is an interesting take on a culture obsessed with dieting. For more on how to rethink weight loss, be sure to check out Caro’s story about learning to love her body. 24 ways that .. read more

Is Meerkat EHS’ Newest Member?

Meerkat is about to get coached. This month’s Meerkat Award honoree, one of our Engagement Specialists, George Rohrer, has a reputation for finding coachable moments everywhere. “George is one of our coaches and brings great energy and passion to his work. He is innovative with his coaching efforts and passes on his successes to the rest .. read more

The Genetic Effect of Happiness, Work-Life Balance and More: What We’re Reading

So, what’s the genetic effect of happiness? The New York Times reports that our genes may have a more elevated moral sense than our minds. After studying reported satisfaction levels and blood levels of 80 healthy volunteers, researchers came to this conclusion: Our genes can tell the difference between a purpose-driven life and a shallower one—even when our .. read more

Mindfulness, Productivity, Happiness and More: What We’re Reading

Cheryl Rezek poses this question: “What does the ancient eastern practice of mindfulness, often associated with orange-clothed chanting monks, have to do with the fast-paced, performance-driven style of western leadership?” Read her piece on how being a mindful leader can improve your workforce. Overexposed: As a culture, we rarely take breaks from the media. How .. read more

Relaxation, Hummus and More: What We’re Reading

If you missed it, yesterday was National Relaxation Day. Here are 6 ways to relax right this second. Most of here at EHS love hummus. Not only is this chickpea spread delicious and versatile, it’s high in protein. While we don’t advocate eating it all day every day, we do advocate checking out these 18 .. read more

Childhood Obesity, Happiness, Meditation and More: What We’re Reading

Finally, some good news about childhood obesity. Federal data released this week shows that the obesity rate for low-income preschool-age children declined between 2008 and 2011 in 19 of the 43 states surveyed. We believe that getting moving with your kids is essential to helping them make fitness part of their lives. Here are some tips .. read more

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