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Foods that Fight Stress, Doing What You Love & a Moving Resuce

If you stress-eat, you’re not alone. A new survey conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health found that when we’re stressed, we eat—and what we eat isn’t helping. Listen to this story about the connection between your diet and your mood, and find out what foods can actually help you fight stress. .. read more

Mini Organs, 34 Ways to Eat Watermelon & 2014: The Year of Employee Health?

OZY reports that scientists are growing mini brains, livers, kidneys and other organs (organoids) that look and function much like their full-sized counterparts. Ultimately, scientists hope to use organoids—which are created from patients’ own stem cells—to replace diseased organs. With an average of 18 people in the U.S. dying every day while waiting for a match or an organ donor, these tiny organs could be huge news. 34 .. read more

Camel’s Milk, Career Advice & a Happy Dog

So, camel’s milk is a thing now. Said to taste pretty much the same as cow’s milk, camel’s milk has 50% less fat and about 40 fewer calories per cup. It also contains approximately the same amounts of other nutrients, according to the first U.S. retailer of camel’s milk, Desert Farms. If you want to give it a .. read more

Your Brain, the Best Health Apps, Yoga for Happiness & More

A fascinating story (read or listen on NPR) about the internal cadences of the brain and the role the nervous system appears to play in everything from walking to thinking. According to scientists, abnormal brain rhythms can be associated with everything from schizophrenia, epilepsy and autism to Parkinson’s disease. Here are the 65 best health and fitness apps, according to .. read more

EHS Joins the Fun at El Valor’s Family Fun Walk

On Sunday June 8, EHS participated in the El Valor Family Fun Walk. The event began with a 2.6-mile walk through the little village community to raise funds and awareness for El Valor, a local non-profit organization that serves people with different abilities. About 300 enthusiastic families participated in the walk. They started the morning .. read more

The Most Super of the Superfoods, What Americans Really Eat & More

Every once in a while a food gets catapulted from regular to super. But what is the most super of the superfoods? Here are 41 superfoods ranked in terms of just how good they are for you. It will not shock you to learn that every single item listed is a fruit or vegetable. New data from .. read more

Take a Microadventure, Rethink Exercise, the Truth About Eggs & More

We all know that travel is powerful — and that even the act of thinking about a trip can bring us joy. But, making time for adventure is hard. We are really inspired by the idea of taking a microadventure. Designed for people with jobs and lives, the goal is to drop the excuse that you don’t have .. read more

Watermelon for Health, Hydration News & More!

Watermelon is a summer staple, but did you know that the sweet, low-calorie treat has some amazing health benefits from easing sore muscles to combating cancer? Dig in, friends. We know that getting more high quality sleep is great for our health, but many of us struggle to turn that knowledge into action. If you are .. read more

7 Servings of Vegetables a Day, the Measles Vaccine to Kill Cancer, Bears and More!

Five servings of fruits and vegetables a day has been the recommendation for quite some time. But, five might not be enough. New research is calling for seven servings of vegetables a day to get the most health benefits. Load up on salads this weekend! It’s not a shock that severe calorie reduction coupled with intense exercise leads .. read more

Volunteering at Gary Comer Youth Center

“Have you ever had your blood pressure measured before?” I asked the group of teenagers eyeing our booth. Everyone shook their head no. “Would you like to try it?” Members of the group smiled and walked over. I was at the Gary Comer Youth Center (GCYC), on Chicago’s South Side, where my coworkers and I were .. read more

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