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Animated Life, a Disappearing Office & More

Most of life is invisible. “Animated Life,” is a beautiful and informative Op-Doc that reveals much of what we cannot see. It celebrates scientific discoveries and the people who have helped us understand life in a whole new way. The most innovative way to support work-life balance that we have ever seen: an office that disappears at night. .. read more

Coffee Naps, a Superfood Pill, Happy Foods & Head-Shakers

Coffee naps? Yes, please. At EHS, we’re particularly fond of naps and coffee. So, we were thrilled to read about new research which found that to maximize alertness, coffee naps (drinking a cup of coffee and then taking a quick nap) are better than coffee or naps alone. Kale. Quinoa. Acai berries. Superfoods make waves every day. A new pill claims .. read more

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Food Cravings, Caffeine, Happiness & More

Do you crave lettuce? Broccoli, maybe? A new study found that it might be possible for us to ignore our junk food cravings while also developing a taste for healthy foods. While the study was small, the findings could be good news for people who trying to achieve sustainable weight loss. Who drinks more coffee, scientists or social .. read more

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School Lunches, Breakfast & News About Your Brain

A few years ago, our registered dietitian wrote about new rules for school lunches. At the time, people were concerned that kids wouldn’t take to the new, healthier food. But a study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that 70% of school administrators said kids like the new school lunches. You know that whole, “breakfast is .. read more

Stop Sitting, Take Your Vacation & Get Motivated (+cats)

Are you sitting down? Get up! Check out this infographic on the damage you’re doing by just sitting there minding your own business. Okay, so you’re sitting. Here’s how yoga can help you undo some of the damage that comes with a desk job. From sore wrists to lousy posture, these poses are easy to do at .. read more

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A Candid Childhood Obesity PSA, EQ & More

A new PSA about childhood obesity from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s “Strong4Life” campaign is sending a tough message to parents about childhood obesity—and the reaction from the public has been mixed. While some see its focus on family as a powerful message, others feel it goes too far. Regardless of how you feel about the approach, the overall message is .. read more

Happiness, Empathy, Aspirin and More

Can taking the scenic route lead to happiness? Researchers at Yahoo Labs crowdsourced impressions of streets, combining them with Flickr data and survey responses to present walkers with optimal routes balancing “people’s emotional perceptions of urban spaces” and their need to get to their destination in a reasonable amount of time. Using gamification, researchers found that our brains are constantly .. read more

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Volunteering at Deborah’s Place

It was a Monday. I had been working out in the suburbs and was racing back into Chicago for a volunteer event. I was stressed on the drive, dodging traffic and giving myself a pep talk on the power of showing up, even if my arrival was going to be a late one. As the universe would have .. read more

Self-Compassion, Breathprints, a Weight Loss App for Kids & More

Listen to this podcast about the power of self-compassion. Mike Robbins, a former professional baseball player, talks about how a career-ending injury changed his life when he was 23. A new device might make detecting breast cancer, tuberculosis, heart failure and other diseases as simple as breath test. Working like a breathalyzer, this device measures “breathprints” to help detect .. read more

Multitasking, Sleep, Stress Eating & an Attack Cat

Is your city a healthy place to live? The verdict on the healthiest cities in the U.S. is in and the winner is … well, all we can say is you better learn to surf. Remember when the term “multitasking” was a positive one? Did you list it as a skill on your resume? As it .. read more

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