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Sugar Substitutes: A Primer

Sugar substitutes, non-nutritive sweeteners, artificial sweeteners. Whatever you decide to call them, sugar alternatives are hotly debated and often researched. Can they aid in weight loss? Are they safe? What are they anyway? Getting Sweeter: The use of sugar substitutes in food products is on the rise. In 1999 there were 369 new products containing .. read more

Top 7 Doctor-Ditching Excuses—Busted

There are many reasons people avoid seeing a primary care provider. Do any of these reasons for skipping your annual exam sound familiar? 1. I feel fine; I don’t need a doctor unless I am sick. Busted! You can have health problems without experiencing symptoms. For example, hypertension, high blood pressure, is called “the silent .. read more

Corner Stores Get a Healthy Makeover

If you grew up in a city, you probably remember your local corner store. That was the place to go after school to purchase high-fat, sugary snacks like Cheetos, Twinkies and soda pop. Beyond the unhealthy snacks, the stores also had shelves stocked with booze and cigarettes, items that I have never purchased (wink, wink). .. read more


We’ve all heard how good fiber is for our bodies. In fact, I briefly wrote about the importance of it earlier this year. Dietary fiber naturally occurs in plants and can be found mainly in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes. On average, Americans consume only 15 grams of dietary fiber daily. Most of us could use a .. read more

I Should ___ Because I’m Training: Top Three Race Training Myths

I recently ran with an endurance group and our leader encouraged us to consume adequate fluids throughout what was going to be a very hot and humid run. He brought a scale and asked runners to weigh themselves before and after the run to assess sweat loss. I was excited to hear what he was .. read more

Bike to Basics—Tips for Urban Bike Commuting

I’m a bicycle commuter with seven years of experience riding in Chicago. I spoke with a friend who is a bicycle manufacturing industry insider with decades of cycling experience. Together we have decided that YOU should start riding your bike to work. Scared? Too bad. Okay, we get it, but let’s examine the fear. Why are .. read more

How Coping Skills Impact Health

I recently attended a conference called “Why is Healthy Living so Difficult?” hosted by the Office on Women’s Health. A speaker at the conference, Vince Felitti, MD, presented major findings of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study conducted by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente. His team demonstrated scientific proof that childhood trauma affects our overall .. read more

Bottoms Up—Stay Hydrated with a Variety of Fluids

The well-known advice of drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily for optimal hydration is easy to remember, but is not supported by hard evidence. I often gave the 8×8 rule when talking about hydration to healthy individuals interested in their hydration levels, but there’s rule-changing news in the world of water. The Institute of .. read more

Sharpen Your Saw

Steven Covey introduced the concept of sharpening your saw in his popular book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The seventh habit, Covey defines sharpening the saw as, “preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have—you.” As a health coach, a dream of mine is a world in which everyone is constantly striving to be her .. read more

Cut Sodium for Better Health

Sodium is an essential nutrient. It helps control the amount of fluid in our bodies and supports normal bodily functions. It keeps our hearts beating and regulates both blood pressure and muscle contractions. But, you can get too much of a good thing. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines suggest keeping our daily sodium intake to less .. read more

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