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Healthy Holidays

This week marks the start of the holiday season. Storefronts are decorated, parties are being planned and radio stations have been playing “Jingle Bells” for weeks already. Some people take it all in and embrace the holiday spirit, while others see these decorations and hear these songs and are reminded of the stress associated with .. read more

National Diabetes Month

I can still remember the panic when my family got a call from the hospital telling us that my 19-year-old brother had been admitted. Upon arrival, he was almost in a coma and his blood sugar was 1,150 mg/dL (normal blood sugar is between 80-120mg/dL). When we got to the hospital we learned that he .. read more

National Health Education Week

To celebrate National Health Education Week (which was October 15-19), I meant to share this with you last month. But I was busy out in the field being a health educator, so I hope you will forgive my tardiness. Wait, you might be asking, what is National Health Education week? Basically, it’s my chance to .. read more

Friends Enhance Well-being

I recently read an article about how friends can increase our well-being at midlife. While I am not at midlife yet, I can see how my friends already enhance my sense of well-being. A recent study of 6,500 people asked about their networks and how often they met up in person. (The study was looking .. read more

Yoga, Stress and Presence

The physical practice of yoga was developed more than 5,000 years ago—and had nothing to do with $100 stretchy pants. Its original purpose was to condition the body and mind to be strong enough to sit up straight and meditate for hours on end. That may not be your goal, but that doesn’t mean you .. read more

Health Screenings: The “I’ll Do It Later” Approach

This weekend, I was cleaning up the house and remembered I hadn’t cleaned behind the oven in awhile. This isn’t because I forgot, exactly. I have been avoiding it for months. I finally decided to just roll up my sleeves, get dirty and clean the mess. After I was done, I realized that it was .. read more

Any Given Sunday (and Mondays and Thursdays, too)

You have Monday nights, Thursday nights and a marathon of games on Sundays. And, if you’re a fan of Hard Knocks, a show that follows an NFL team during the pre-season, that’s another hour Tuesday nights. Add in all of those hours spent researching and tracking your fantasy football team(s), and over the 21-week football .. read more

Sick and Tired of the Healthcare System

“I am so sick and tired of this healthcare system. Why can’t they help me? I have been in pain for three months and have been sent around to five different people and there is still no solution to my problem. Also, they messed up my medication, and to top it all off, I have .. read more

Tailgate Like a Pro

The unofficial last day of summer has passed, but that doesn’t mean grilling season is over. We might be saying good-bye to summer, but we’re packing the coolers and securing spots for a weekly ritual filled with fun, friends, family, food and football—it’s time to tailgate! Whether you tailgate with a RV, a boat, in .. read more

Understanding a Borderline Diagnosis

How many of you have been to the doctor and have been told you have tested “borderline” for something? Many of us don’t worry when we’re given a borderline diagnosis because we feel fine; we choose to interpret the word “borderline” to mean that we don’t have a problem. However, what we’re really being told .. read more

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