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Tuesday Inspiration

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On June 18th, 2013, posted in: Engage2Change, Solutions by

How Do You Measure Fitness?

Recently, I attended a health fair where my job was to offer to take participants’ body fat measurements. Needless to say, I wasn’t the most popular person at the event! People would walk up, say hello and then when I asked if they would like to know their number, most laughed and said, “No way!” .. read more

7 Ways to Make Quick, Healthy Meals

A member recently told me that he’s been wanting to start eating healthier, but time always seems too tight. He said that he’s gained weight because he doesn’t have time to shop for healthy meals and plan menus for the week. Does your busy schedule really mean you’re destined to eat processed, high calorie food and .. read more

What If You Started Now?

“A year from now, you may wish you had started today.” —Karen Lamb I came across this quote the other day and it made me stop. I had recently been discussing something similar with a friend regarding working out. About two years ago, I took advantage of a free CrossFit Personal Training session. For those .. read more

Three Stretches for Runners & Walkers

Are you excited about racing season? If you’re anything like the runners and walkers I know, your weekends are starting to fill up with training and races. If you were one of the lucky runners to get a sacred spot in this year’s Chicago Marathon, you’ve already started to think about your training schedule. Maybe .. read more

Our Top 10 Posts for Spring

While it doesn’t feel like the first day of spring here in Chicago, technically it is. So, in honor (hope) of the the changing season, here are our top 10 posts to help you spring clean your life! 1. Spring clean your diet—easy ways to truly clean your plate. 2. Spring clean your mind—practice gratitude .. read more

Find a Local Running Club

Whether you’re a new runner training for your first 5K or a seasoned pro getting ready for your next marathon, joining a running club, or getting a personal running coach, can be a great way to make sure you’re training safely. As a bonus, working with others provides accountability and the chance meet new people. .. read more

Are You Living Up to Your Greatest Potential?

Every day, I witness people—members that I am coaching, co-workers I chat with in the kitchen—respond to the simple question, “How Are You?” with “I’m fine.” Regardless of how they truly feel, “I’m fine” is the standard response. I don’t think that someone who is “fine” is really living up to his or her greatest .. read more

Rethinking Resolutions

Here you are, one week into another year. Did you make resolutions? How are those going? If you are struggling and ready to call it quits, you are not alone. Most resolutions don’t last… Why does this happen? Are resolutions even worth writing? How can we create lasting change from our best intentions for the .. read more

Mindful Eating: One of Life’s Greatest Pleasures

How often do we find ourselves sitting down, enjoying a lengthy and luxurious meal rather than just simply eating? In this modern world, our idea of a meal usually involves hurriedly stuffing food in our mouths in between meetings or while running from errand to errand. Even if we cook at home, we may eat .. read more

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