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Self-Care Lessons From a Frequent Flier

As a coach, I frequently travel around the country by air. I observe people standing in long security lines, waiting patiently (sometimes) to board the flight and settle in for their trip. I can pick out the seasoned travelers: They pack light, breeze through security and never pay any attention to the flight attendant’s speech about safety .. read more

The Power of the To-Do List

Last week, my daughter came rushing home from school, completely stressed out and talking a mile a minute about all the things she had to do before she had to head out the door to soccer practice. I didn’t even get in a “hello” before she was telling me she was too busy to talk .. read more

Hiring a Personal Trainer: Fitness Trend #3

While the weather isn’t exactly cooperating, training season is underway in Chicago. From spring to fall, people are training for a variety of events, from marathons and triathlons to 5Ks. Which brings me to the third 2014 fitness trend I want to share with you—hiring a personal trainer. Whether you’re training for an event or .. read more

Five Tips for Colon Health

“You’re so full of it!” my Mom would say through roaring laughter whenever I’d offer an outlandish excuse for my behavior during my teenage years. At the time, she was right both figuratively and literally. I was full of “it,” or the suffix of the common explicative meaning “poop.” I suffered from constipation for a .. read more

11 Reasons to Rediscover the Joy of Dance

I discovered the joy of dance when I was three, bopping to my favorite song, Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” My mom said she witnessed me become mesmerized by the music and discover the rhythm in that moment. And I was forever hooked (on dance, not Lionel Richie). Growing up, I performed in countless dance .. read more

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Body Weight Training: 2014 Fitness Trend # 2

In the last installment of my series on this year’s fitness trends, I talked to you about high intensity interval training. Now it’s time for fitness trend #2, body weight training. Body Weight Training Body weight training gives you the freedom to go through numerous movements to build strength and stability in your muscles and .. read more

Too Much Sodium: I am a Statistic—You probably are too

As I sit here enjoying my lunch of minestrone hearty vegetable soup, I’m reading a recent study released by the CDC about sodium intake. To sum it up, 93% of U.S adults are eating way too much sodium (salt). As a health educator, I am highly aware of the dangers of too much sodium. Eating .. read more

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2014 Fitness Trends: Are You Ready?

This year, I am going to share  the top three fitness trends for 2014—and help you come up ways to introduce them into your workouts and lifestyle. With America’s continually growing waistline, and no magic pill to replace exercise, new fitness trends will be focused primarily on weight loss. The weight loss industry in the .. read more

Burn-Off a 3000-Calorie Holiday Dinner With 1 Workout

Holiday meals in the U.S. average about 3,000 calories each. If you’re going to go there (or already have), why not try to burn it off in one workout? I recently read an article about a 3000-calorie workout and thought “why not?” Then I read it again and started second-guessing myself. I feared the likelihood .. read more

It’s Time to Commit to What Really Matters

The last three months for me have been a whirlwind. I’ve been waking up early to get to work. I’ve been traveling for work. I’ve been taking intensive training through The Coaches Training Institute. I’ve barely had time for my friends and family—much less for myself. But life doesn’t slow down. Time keeps on trucking .. read more

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