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Need Healthcare? When and Where to Go

It’s 2:00 AM, and the baby is screaming. Your nerves are on edge, and thoughts race through your mind. Is it a fever? Is he hurt? How serious is this? What should I do? A frightened, panicked parent may think, “I don’t want to be that parent who ignored all of the warning signs. I’d .. read more

Life Crutches: Distractions From Really Living

As we start a new year, I am struck by some of the changes I have made in the last few months—the biggest being the long, hard look I took at things that were not working for me. It can be really easy to float (or trudge) through life without taking the time to reflect .. read more

8 Tips for Healthy Holidays

As much as I look forward to the parties and dinners with family and friends around the holidays, I also know that these feasts and festivities are the best invitation to eat way more food than I need, gain weight and feel guilty. Some common excuses that I try to sell to myself when I’m .. read more

Carbs, Happiness and Naps

Carbs. Conventional wisdom has been that the carbs in an apple are way better for you than the carbs in a piece of bread—but, according to new research, that may not be the whole story. Find out what researchers learned when they set out to determine if diets similar in calories and carbohydrates, but composed of either high or .. read more

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Focusing to Achieve New Year’s Goals

“FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful” —Robert T. Kiyosaki If you are like me, you have a lot of goals for 2015, and you want to accomplish all of them. They all feel important. Yet research indicates only about 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. So why bother making them? Because the same .. read more

Spending Time on Self-Care Buys You Time

It was the Friday after Thanksgiving and, during the ride home from Michigan, I felt the angst about all the things I had get done that weekend start to come up—wrapping up projects for work, shopping for gifts, homework, laundry, errands and an outing with the young girl I’m mentoring. “I don’t have time for .. read more

Detoxing, 60 Seconds to Health & More

Green juice is becoming as ubiquitous with the new year as champagne. And, if this hasn’t happened yet, it probably will: You’ll ask a friend or co-worker to lunch and he’ll decline, saying, “I’m detoxing.” So, can you really detoxify your body? Is detoxing anything more than a buzz word? This may be the best fitness .. read more

What Holiday Hosting is Really About

There are days throughout the holiday season when I feel as though I am “making my list and checking it twice,” like a good host preparing for a party. Saturday: Make Christmas cards with Emily; speed to the mall to scope out a gift for Chris Sunday: Put up the Christmas tree for our party .. read more

FVRx, Generosity, Sleep & More

The weight loss program FVRx prescribes fruits and vegetables, not medication, to help people lose weight—and it’s working out really well. This approach to the growing problem of obesity (especially in areas with little access to fresh foods) offers low-income families in New York an Rx for healthy foods, financial assistance, nutritional education, and monthly checkin-ins with doctors or nutritionists. Last year, 97% .. read more

A Cardiovascular Risk Calculator, Compassion & Alpacas

With the rise of wearable health devices like Fitbit and Jawbone, to name a few of many, it seems like we have become a culture obsessed with tracking. For some knowing that you took 10,000 steps five days during the week is motivating (got to get those other two!) and for others it’s a way to keep .. read more

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