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Procrastination, Urban Gardening, Exercise and Genetics & More!

It’s finally warming up in Chicago! We are super excited to get outside and run, bike and garden. More and more urbanites are creating gardens and growing their own veggies. This is a great way to make sure you have healthy foods on hand, but city-dwellers need to think before they plant, according to a .. read more

Autism Awareness, Eat Veggies to Add Years to Your Life and More: What We’re Reading

April is Autism Awareness Month. There are many misconceptions about Autism, and The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism is a great resource. This month, the editors are asking autistic community members: “What Do You Want? What Do You Need?” Their answers and will appear on the site throughout April. Eating vegetables could add years to your life. .. read more

Sleep Deprivation, Good News for Aging & a Baby Rhino Recovers: What We’re Reading

We all know how we feel when we don’t sleep well. When one man set out to prove that sleep deprivation isn’t such a big deal, here’s what he learned. Hint: He was wrong, and the effects are psychological as well as physical. Two studies show promise in the relationship between exercise and eye health. .. read more

Hiring a Personal Trainer: Fitness Trend #3

While the weather isn’t exactly cooperating, training season is underway in Chicago. From spring to fall, people are training for a variety of events, from marathons and triathlons to 5Ks. Which brings me to the third 2014 fitness trend I want to share with you—hiring a personal trainer. Whether you’re training for an event or .. read more

Advances in Cancer Treatment, the Cost of Multitasking & More: What We’re Reading

Scientists are looking at an entirely new way of killing cancer. Meet Stephanie Lee, a young woman with colon cancer who became the test case and the subject of this week’s long read from Esquire. You can get an update on her case here and more information on colon health here. Culturally, we tend to .. read more

Five Tips for Colon Health

“You’re so full of it!” my Mom would say through roaring laughter whenever I’d offer an outlandish excuse for my behavior during my teenage years. At the time, she was right both figuratively and literally. I was full of “it,” or the suffix of the common explicative meaning “poop.” I suffered from constipation for a .. read more

Antibiotics, a $3 Microscope, the 5-Second Rule & More: What We’re Reading

After the release of last week’s  Gallup Well-Being poll, why Americans are getting fatter remains a hot topic. We talk a lot about the need for healthy eating and an active lifestyle, and maintain that both of those things are important to overall health and well-being. But, new reports show that other factors may be contributing .. read more

11 Reasons to Rediscover the Joy of Dance

I discovered the joy of dance when I was three, bopping to my favorite song, Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” My mom said she witnessed me become mesmerized by the music and discover the rhythm in that moment. And I was forever hooked (on dance, not Lionel Richie). Growing up, I performed in countless dance .. read more

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Obesity by State, Big Yoga News & More: What We’re Reading

Many of us know that yoga feels good, but new research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that yoga can reduce inflammation. Inflammation is associated with heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. Among other findings, blood tests showed that for participants doing yoga, all three markers for inflammation dropped by 10 to 15% after three .. read more

Reason to Give: Live and Learn Workshop

At EHS, we’ve embraced our social mission to give back to those in need around us with our money and with our time . In November, we fulfilled part of that mission by donating over $1,000 to the Live and Learn workshop developed by Reason to Give, a Chicago-based non-profit that connects would-be donors with groups .. read more

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