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7 Servings of Vegetables a Day, the Measles Vaccine to Kill Cancer, Bears and More!

Five servings of fruits and vegetables a day has been the recommendation for quite some time. But, five might not be enough. New research is calling for seven servings of vegetables a day to get the most health benefits. Load up on salads this weekend! It’s not a shock that severe calorie reduction coupled with intense exercise leads .. read more

Volunteering at Gary Comer Youth Center

“Have you ever had your blood pressure measured before?” I asked the group of teenagers eyeing our booth. Everyone shook their head no. “Would you like to try it?” Members of the group smiled and walked over. I was at the Gary Comer Youth Center (GCYC), on Chicago’s South Side, where my coworkers and I were .. read more

Live With Purpose, Travel for Joy & More

What to live longer? Live with purpose. A new study in the journal Psychological Science presents data from more than 6,000 participants over a 14-year period, focusing on self-reported life purpose. “Our findings point to the fact that finding a direction for life, and setting overarching goals for what you want to achieve, can help you actually .. read more

Mindful Meditation, Gluten, Allergies & More

Mindful meditation has long been seen as a great way to reduce stress, but a new study shows that it actually does have a direct relationship to the stress hormone cortisol. This research from the Shamatha Project at the University of California is the first to show a direct relation between resting cortisol and scores on any type of .. read more

Optimism and Your Partner, Walking for Creativity and More

Your own optimism might only be half the battle when it comes to staving off illness as you age. A new study finds that your partner’s positive outlook matters, too. The research focused on more than 1,900 heterosexual couples over 50. Tests measured participants’ “dispositional optimism,” defined as the general expectation that good things will happen. .. read more

E-Cigarettes Face Regulation, Another Benefit of Coffee, Diet Drinks and Heart Health & More

When they hit the market, many people thought, “E-cigarettes, huh. That could be good.” However, e-cigarettes have remained largely unregulated and, until recently, there wasn’t much good information on the health risks. According to ABC News, the most widely publicized study about the of safety of e-cigarettes compared two leading brands, finding that both contained trace .. read more

EHS Kicks Off Coaching With The Mission Continues

In March, EHS team members traveled down to St. Louis to kick off our Year of Change coaching program with The Mission Continues, a not-for-profit group that empowers veterans facing the challenges of adjusting to life at home. In other words, they help to facilitate a thriving life for our veterans—a core value that EHS embraces.  Mission .. read more

StandUp For Kids: A Reminder About Gratitude

An integral part of EHS’ social mission is donating our time and services to local non-profit organizations that are positively impacting the community. Most recently, we partnered with StandUp for Kids. StandUp for Kids helps homeless and at-risk kids in cities across the country. We are inspired by the organization’s dedicated volunteers, who take to the .. read more

Two Women Take Flight, Exercise & Naps Rule, France Forces People to Unplug & Hedgehogs

What have you always wanted to do? Has fear kept you from trying it? Lack of opportunity? Spend 10 minutes watching two older women fly on a plane for the first time. It’s an emotional journey that will make you want to conquer your fears sooner rather than later. It’s also a good reminder that .. read more

The Power of the To-Do List

Last week, my daughter came rushing home from school, completely stressed out and talking a mile a minute about all the things she had to do before she had to head out the door to soccer practice. I didn’t even get in a “hello” before she was telling me she was too busy to talk .. read more

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