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Social Mission

EHS’ founders built the company on a simple belief: All people have the right to thrive.

At the 2013 annual meeting, Team EHS took part in #HashtagLunchbag, making and distributing lunches for people in need.

Because we’re all a bunch of do-gooders at heart, we believe that helping our members thrive isn’t enough. To do more good and reach more people, we established the Social Mission Committee (SMC) to formalize a culture of service within our organization.

The SMC started by putting our commitment in writing.

EHS supports and promotes opportunities for its own employees to positively impact the health and well-being of communities and organizations through volunteerism. We believe that volunteering will help us improve individual lives, our global community and ourselves.

The group went on to propose and formalize a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) policy—VTO is similar to Paid Time Off, but employees earn VTO by volunteering. The SMC also organizes one group-volunteering event every quarter.

In addition to our quarterly projects, EHS provides ongoing support to Gary Comer College Prep, a charter school devoted to ensuring its graduates succeed in college.

Follow our blogs, check out our photos and revisit this page to keep up with our latest volunteer activities.

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