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Carbs, Happiness and Naps

5169834911_c3bafc7900_zCarbs. Conventional wisdom has been that the carbs in an apple are way better for you than the carbs in a piece of bread—but, according to new research, that may not be the whole story. Find out what researchers learned when they set out to determine if diets similar in calories and carbohydrates, but composed of either high or low glycemic foods, had different effects on cardiovascular health.

As we prepare to head off to holiday dinners, it’s also a good idea to prepare to stick to your health goals. Here is some great advice for how to handle people who undermine your efforts to stay on track.

If you want to improve your life, should you really be seeking happiness? An argument for a different approach.

If you know us, you  know that we love naps! And, with many of us getting a few days off for the holidays, this is a great time to practice your skills. Here’s how to take the best nap ever.

Finally, our gift to you: hamsters in holiday hats. Yes!

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