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World Diabetes Day, Good Reads & More

15061081508_c0a4154bcd_zToday is World Diabetes Day. Get the facts and learn more about how to prevent and control the disease that affects 1/12 people around the world. And, read a story about how diabetes personally affected our E-Team manager and coach, Kara.

Most of us know that one culprit of Type 2 diabetes is a diet heavy in sugar. A dozen scientists representing three universities teamed up and launched to educate the public about how much sugar can make us sick—and let us know where sugar hides. According to the New York Times, the scientists behind the new site reviewed 8,000 independent clinical research articles on sugar and its role in metabolic conditions that are some of the leading killers of Americans, like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and liver disease.

If you’re traveling for the holidays in the next … oh six weeks or so, you may need some new reading material. Take a look at this list of the year’s must-read books about health, happiness and fitness—these are also great gift ideas.

The season of gratitude is upon us—and kindness and gratitude go hand-in-hand. Here are five easy ways to spread kindness every day.

Celebrate Friday by watching a parrot’s spot-on Matthew McConaughey impression and revisiting Chicago’s favorite otter. This week, he plays with a basketball!

Image: Moyan Brenn

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