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Comfort Food, Happiness, Robots & More

5468688067_328550afbf_zWalk away from the cupcake; put down the grilled cheese sandwich. A recent study has found that eating comfort food doesn’t actually do anything to alleviate our bad moods. The research, published in Health Psychology, found that for the hundreds of people studied, food—comfort or otherwise—didn’t have an impact on how fast they bounced back from a bad mood.

This article on finding happiness at work makes an interesting connection between goals, productivity and happiness.

It’s squash season! Here are 55 ways to add squash to your diet.

Football season is underway, as is the ongoing conversation about keeping players—from kids to NFL pros—safe from concussions. Dartmouth has designed a robot that can connect players and coaches with off-site specialists. While telemedicine is nothing new, the benefit, according to Dartmouth, is that unlike a phone, the robot doesn’t require an extra person to hold the camera and the specialist can control the robot’s movements, zooming in as needed.

While we’re on the subject of robots, watch a robot disguised as a baby penguin get intel from the field. And, an orphaned otter gets a bath and melts hearts.

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