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EHS Supports Gary Comer College Prep

An innovative Chicago charter school relies on EHS to track an essential student program.

Gary Comer College Prep (GCCP), a campus of the Noble Network of Charter Schools, isn’t a typical high school.

96% of students are eligible for free or reduced lunch, and yet 100% are accepted to four-year colleges. While students plan for a successful transition to college during their time at GCCP, they are often the first in the family to go to college and rely on the alumni system for help navigating college life, explains Christopher Carlson, Comer to College Director of Alumni Support.

“Very early on we decided it wasn’t enough to get the students to college, we needed to continue supporting them once they were there,” Carlson says. The school established a cell phone program. As long as alums stay enrolled in college, their phone bills are covered. Students can call GCCP for help with anything from questions about navigating the class selection process and financial aid to dealing with roommate issues.

Collecting data from the calls and texts was a tedious process for Carlson—and that’s where EHS stepped in.

EHS developed a proprietary system to securely track calls and texts between its coaches and members and offered GCCP free use of its system.

“Using EHS’ technology, we can log and keep records passively so it doesn’t take time from me executing the most important part of my job and focusing on my top priority: the students. This data system allows me to put the students at the forefront, share information among people fielding calls and texts, track individual students’ progress and figure out what questions come up repeatedly so we can better prepare the next class of graduates.”

As a company with a strong social mission, partnering with GCCP was a natural fit for EHS. “Talking with the folks at GCCP, the connection was just so obvious. We really believe in what the school stands for and we’re impressed with its success. We couldn’t be happier to share our technology,” says Co-CEO Ari Levy, MD.

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