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Sum of the Parts

The other day, I was watching a re-run of a Game of Thrones episode and I was struck by a scene that I found to be a very fitting analogy in regards to this month’s Meerkat Award winner.

On the show, King Robert is speaking with his wife, Queen Cersei, about the strength and unity of those supposedly loyal to him. He asks her a simple question: “What is greater, five or one?” She replies, “five.” Robert then holds up an open hand, palm facing out, displaying the common hand gesture for five. “Five,” he mutters. He then proceeds to clinch his open hand into a tight fist. “One.”

In sum: We are stronger through unity than solidarity; we achieve more as one entity working toward a common goal than we would as individuals working solely for ourselves.

This past month at EHS has challenged the entire team. Like many start-ups, at times we have been overwhelmed with work, we’ve had to accomplish tasks that felt insurmountable at the onset and we’ve had to do a lot with a little. Personally, I’m very proud of what we, as individuals, but more importantly as a whole, have accomplished these past few months. We truly have an incredibly dedicated team.

To celebrate our collective efforts, this month, Co-CEOs Ari Levy and Will Harper voted the whole team the winner of  the Meerkat Award. “The team rallied together to put together a presentation for a client. It was truly a team effort that warranted the Meerkat Award to be given to all employees this month,” says Will.

Congratulations to the whole team—including Ari and Will. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the summer than everyone being recognized for their tremendous efforts. While we may not be able to predict what lies ahead, one thing is for certain… Winter is coming.

Todd Boulis, Senior Associate

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