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Meerkat Is Missing!

Some of you may have noticed that we’re a little behind in letting you know who won EHS’ coveted Meerkat Award this month. With all of her outstanding accomplishments, you may have assumed that Amaya was granted an extra month with Meerkat.

Nope. He did move on at the beginning of March as scheduled. Our director of clinical quality, Jonathan Birnberg (JB) was the deserving recipient. The transfer of Meerkat from Amaya to his new awardee seemed to transpire as usual.

At our semi-weekly meeting, Will passed on the Meerkat Award and explained why JB was chosen. “JB has been outstanding in his role as director of clinical quality. Over the past month he has taken on tasks that weren’t in his comfort zone, developed new skill sets and rallied team members to meet key objectives for the team. It was an awesome month of work for JB. An award well earned.”

JB seemed grateful and accepted the honor of the award —as well as the responsibility that comes with it.

Then, the unthinkable happened: JB left Meerkat in the conference room!

And by the end of the day, Meerkat and his family had gone missing.

We hoped a concerned citizen took them in, but there are some signs that Meerkat and his family are on the run and looking for JB. They’ve been spotted in his haunts. One of the babies was seen at Forever 21, looking for him in a pile of on-sale cardigans. Another was found in his dirty oatmeal bowl in the EHS kitchen.

We are very much hoping for the family’s safe return—and can only assume that if JB has the chance to give them a gift he chooses a Tagg Pet Tracker.

If you spot Meerkat and/or his offspring, please contact EHS at

Libby Lowe

Senior Manager, Communications

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