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Meerkat’s Next Move

Jon and Meerkat

Meerkat checks Jon’s work and gets acclimated in the Quad Pod.

Meerkat has left the building … well, he has left my desk and Elvis Mouse anyway. This month, the beloved Meerkat Award was presented to Jon Freeberg: San Diego native, golf-enthusiast and member of the Quad Pod (which he shares with Todd, Sara and Kara—arguably the area of the office responsible for the most hijinks per square foot).

Since joining EHS in February 2011, Jon has played a number of roles—and crushed it, as he says—in all of them. “Jon has really stepped up in so many ways. This Meerkat award is long overdue for him. From operations to security to technology to the website and now sales (and office culture, too), Jon continually steps up and delivers. No. Questions. Asked. Done. Back to the Quad Pod Meerkat goes. Thanks Jon for all you do—well deserved,” says Will Harper.

To get a sense of the real Jon Freeberg, I turned to fellow Quad Pod dweller and former Colgate lacrosse team member, Todd Boulis. He offers these fun facts about Jon—noting that some might be better described as “facts.”

  • When he is not at work, Jon is crafting/mastering his golf game. Someday, he intends to break 80
  • Jon’s favorite TV shows consist of True Blood, Glee, America’s Next Top Model and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  • His girlfriend finds Meerkat a little scary
  • Jon’s favorite basketball player is Detlef Schrempf

So, congratulations to Freeberg on being awarded the highest EHS honor! On his last stop, Meerkat acquired a Movembermustache—what will Jon bestow upon him? Only time will tell.

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