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Meerkat Award Update!

Libby, Meerkat and Elvis Mouse

Meerkat experienced a socially awkward moment this month. He asked Miss Manners and searched for protocols, but he couldn’t find a socially acceptable solution.

Libby, who chronicles Meerkat’s journeys from one EHS award-winner to another, was given the highest honor of caring for Meerkat this month. So, he cocked his head as he so cutely does, and asked, “How can she possibly announce with any degree of humility that she’s my new guardian?”

Good question.

I, however, can say that Meerkat should be honored to be with Libby. She has done such an outstanding job with everything that’s put on her plate. From Fit Card production, to blog writing, editing and posting, to writing marketing copy and brand brainstorming to tweeting and Facebooking—she’s done it all.

I promised Meerkat that there would be no lapse in recording his foster family relationships, so we post this today.

Now that he’s on Libby’s desk, though, he’s mentioned that he’s feeling a bit threatened by the Elvis mouse that lives there. Nelson was quick to reassure him: “Remember when you lived with me? I taught you how to grunt. Use it!” Meerkat feels a little safer now. What will he learn with Libby? Maybe some yoga. Maybe a bit about how to beef up his Facebook presence and build the Meerkat brand. Only time will tell.

Linda Havlin, Chief Marketing Officer

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