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And the Meerkat Award Goes to….

Meerkat moves into Aaron’s corner

As EHS friends and fans know, each month, one of our employees is honored with the Meerkat Award. This unique form of recognition helps us celebrate our milestones and our terrific team. This month, Meerkat will be making his home on the the desk of Aaron Levy, senior manager, education and training.

“It is surprising that it has taken EHS this long to recognize Aaron as the Meerkat Award winner. He’s had a great impact on the growth and development of our ENGAGEU programming, leading the way for two full weeks in the field last month. He is a fantastic co-worker whom our employees love to be around; a positive thinker with a can-do attitude. And he’s the Levy with hair. ‘Nuf said. Aaron is another EHS rock star. He truly deserves the Meerkat this month,” says Will Harper , co-president and chief medical officer.

Aaron Bucks

In addition to working directly with our ENGAGEU™ members and helping to develop and grow EHS’ educational offerings, Aaron is also well-loved around the office for his trips to Costco to stock the fridge with healthy snacks and lunch supplies. And, he is a motivational force. Aaron developed his own—highly coveted—currency, Aaron Bucks (now available only in prime numbers). These are awarded to team members at random for great blogging, humorous antics and acts of awesome (as deemed by Aaron).

EHS history buffs will also remember that it was Aaron himself who brought Meerkat into the EHS family and saved him from a life of dumpster diving. So, with huge thanks for all he does for our members and for us every day, congratulations, Aaron!

Libby Lowe, Manager, Communications

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6 Responses to And the Meerkat Award Goes to….
  1. Congrats Socks! You are deserving of the recognition with your focus and dedication (and DARE t-shirt) . . . High Five!

  2. Well deserved! I hope Meerkat gets a matching suit…you know which one I’m talking about.

  3. I’ve met that guy before, he’s pretty cool. Apparently he’s also making a case for the number 10 to become the newest prime number, good luck!

  4. Congrats Aaron. Very much deserved! With the new prime number regulation, that $10 Aaron bucks is now a collector’s item – could be worth big $$$$ one day…

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