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Meerkat on the Move

Jason and Meerkat share some quality time.

Meerkat is more than a mascot. He is a symbol of all that’s great about EHS. Each month, Meerkat is awarded to an employee who goes above and beyond. This month, it’s Jason Bohner, senior manager, people!

“This past month Jason earned the Meerkat Award by doing two jobs. While in a startup it’s not unusual to have an ‘all hands on deck’ attitude, Jason did more than that by simultaneously building the People Department with JJ and keeping the office running—that’s a Meerkat Award winner,” says Will Harper, co-president and chief medical officer.

The entire EHS team relies on Jason on a daily basis so, from all of us, congrats to Jason!

This move is big for Meerkat. He and the mini-Meers have relocated from Laura’s desk, in what’s affectionately known as “the cave” area of EHS, to Jason’s sunny cube in the front of the office. Luckily, Meerkat has his hat, which should help him adjust to the bright, natural light. As a key member of the People Department, Jason spends much of his day screening candidates. So Meerkat is getting firsthand knowledge of how EHS is growing.

Here are some fun facts about Jason…who knows, maybe they will provide a clue as to what kind of gift he will bestow upon Meerkat once his month is up!

Jason …

eats a turkey sandwich for lunch nearly every day

studied theater in school

has a dog named Toby

practices hot yoga

hails from Maryland

Libby Lowe, Manager, Communications

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