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EHS On the Run

JP Morgan CC team


Last Thursday, seven members of the EHS team took to the streets of Chicago to participate in the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge. We bundled up in our EHS finest and didn’t blink as winds gusted and temperatures dipped into the 40s.

This was the 30th running of the Challenge and EHS’s first time participating as a company. There were 23,374 runners representing 635 companies to give the run near record numbers.

Although the entire EHS team kicked butt, the Levy brothers really brought it home with stellar times. Ari Levy (Co-president & Chief Operating Officer) posted a time of 19:19 to place 50th out of all male runners. His younger brother Aaron Levy (Senior Manager, Education & Training) posted a time of 21:20 to place 273rd.

Todd Boulis, Nelson Bowers, Laura CurtinJonathan Birnberg and I rounded out the EHS team.

Todd took up the EHS torch in a way that really turned some heads: He ran the entire race while holding our company mascot, Meerkat! This is a shining example of how Todd is willing to demonstrate his dedication to living everything EHS, no matter how strange he looks.

Jonathan may not have turned heads with a blazing time, but he did make quite a splash with his running attire. More than one person paused to admire his fashion-forward look, which featured sweatpants tucked into white tube socks. He is known for his throwback style around the office, but his racing getup took it to the next level. Don’t be surprised when you see this look sweep the running scene next year. You heard it here first: JB is the original!

Nelson, our fearless captain, made sure we had everything we needed to succeed. This included him clearing the crowd, using pure intimidation, to make sure we had a clear path all the way to the finish line. Not many runners were willing to get in his way. Thank you, Nelson.

Laura was the only female representing team EHS, but she was quite an addition. Her enthusiasm was fantastic! She teamed up with Jonathan, Todd and Meerkat to finish the race, which was quite a sight.

I got a last minute push from Ari cheering me on and running next to me. I finished strong—right before Ari was told to get off the track by race officials. It is unclear if he stepped in to coach me out of appreciation for the pre-race stretch he received or not, but there is continued speculation that he did. We may never know.

All in all, Team EHS brought it this year. But expect a much larger group of racers next year —along with more memorable uniforms. As I write, Jonathan’s job description is being updated to include: Stylist.

Read more about the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge and check out official results and photos.

by Jon Freeberg, Senior Associate


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