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Todd Boulis, Senior Associate

Todd Boulis
Senior Associate


  • Colgate University, BA

Work Experience:

  • New Trier High School, Lacrosse Coach
  • Bartender, various locations
  • All Star Fitness, Gym manager

Why EHS?

I decided to work at EHS because I believe in the vision of our co-founders and know that what we do here is making a significant, positive change in our members’ lives.

If I am not working at EHS I am,

Hanging out with the crew, enjoying the various experiences Chicago has to offer and watching my Bulls on the path to a NBA championship.

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On April 7th, 2011, posted in: Employee by
3 Responses to Todd
  1. Hi Todd. Well that’s why the Internet is great. I’m bored at work and thought I’d see if I can find you for fun..and there you are. You look pretty much the same which is a surprise since I haven’t seen a picture of you for 15 years. How are your Mum and Dad, please pass on my best regards to them. I’m living in Cape Town now with my wife and 4 kids, looking after them is a lot harder than looking after you for sure. Send me an email, it’s be good to know how you are your folks are doing.

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