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  • Masters in Dirt Digging, with an emphasis in Ant Larvae and Kalahari Truffle Consumption of course, at the Kalahari Desert of Namibia.

Work Experience:

  • Meerkat Manor, Co-star.  I chose to move to Chicago and break away from acting when negotiations on my contract went south.  Do I look like the type of meerkat who settles for grasshoppers and crickets while on set?  Please, I divulge in only the finest of Sub-Saharan critters.
  • Former Gang leader of the elite and respectable Suricata Suricatta Siricata tribe, not to be mistaken with the clowns of the Suricata Suricatta Majoriae clan, who dwell in the most meager of burrow systems.

Why EHS?

Meerkat gets presents. Meerkat gets love. Meerkat gets fresh Ant Larvae.

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2 Responses to Meerkat
  1. […] in a way that really turned some heads: He ran the entire race while holding our company mascot, Meerkat! This is a shining example of how Todd is willing to demonstrate his dedication to living […]

  2. […] He is my friend. But of all the eccentric people at EHS, none quite compare to the one we call Meerkat. It is a great honor to have this opportunity to share Meerkat’s story with the world. […]


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